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Here at Hudson’s we put an emphasis on service and knowledge. When it comes time to put a new bilge pump in your boat we can help. Not only will we have better pricing than the big box guy up the road, but we have a staff that can actually tell you the difference between an automatic and a manual model, as well as why one wire is black, and one is red or brown. Hudson’s is  a local business and we have been a staple in the community since 1932. We can’t always buy American, but when plausible, we always try to both buy and sell American. Additionally, we have strong ties to the local fishing industry. Making a living on the water is a tough thing to do these days, and whenever possible, we support our local commercial fishing community. Whether it’s Tuna, Bass, or a new anchor setup, we appreciate your business, and hope to see you soon, either on the water, or in the store. Thank you for shopping Hudson’s Outboard! Steve Tobin - Manager Contact Steve  

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